Device Description

The aquacontroller is designed to control the electrical equipment of the aquarium. Contains up to eight channels for connecting loads, which can be controlled both in manual mode and in automatic modes. Has a flexible tuning system. Any controller output can be connected to any timer or temperature sensor. You can also program several timers or temperature sensors to one output.

Устройство питается от сети переменного тока 220V. Проводить любые манипуляции с подключением, отключением нагрузок или датчиков только с выключенным из сети устройством чтобы исключить возможность поражения электрическим током или выхода из строя устройства! Так как устройство используется для управления нагрузками аквариума, необходимо обеспечить безопасную установку устройства при которой будет невозможно попадание воды на устройство или внутрь него.

  • Clock. Indication of date and time.
  • Control of aquarium loads from 4 to 8 channels.
  • Up to 10 daily timer programs.
  • Up to 10 hourly timer programs. With a range of up to 60 minutes.
  • Up to 10 second one-off timers. With a range of working hours from 1 to 999 seconds.

As the CPU of our controller is the Arduino nano card, which, according to the technical specifications, already has 32Kb flash memory available for our firmware. However, for the sake of many pleasant moments, part of this memory was without conscience given to the bootloader leaving us nothing at all 30720 bytes. What can grieve us.

  • Can I assemble a controller without a PCB?

Can. In principle, you can connect Arduino directly to the power part and the clock and input devices. The motherboard is designed for ease of use and installation in the case.

Below is a description of the contacts on the board: