The controller supports up to 4 temperature sensors. For each sensor you can set your own program

After connecting the temperature sensors, it is necessary to initialize them. As a result of which the sensors will be registered in the controller under their own numbers. The sensor numbers are determined by the sensor address. In order to make initialization, you need to go to the Other Settings - Activate DS18B20 menu from the main menu

After activating the sensors, a list of recorded sensors and their sequence number will be displayed on the screen. In order to independently set the number of the sensor, you need to sequentially activate the sensors by connecting them in the order in which you need to. In this case, the sensors will be prescribed alternately one by one.

Example: you have four sensors, you add the first sensor and activate. The system will write 1___ (where _ is the free space for the sensors), then without disconnecting the first one you add the next one and activate again, now the system will register the sensors 12__ and so on until all the sensors take their places.

Example: you already have a sensor that is located at 1 place. You connect 3 sensors at once and perform initialization. Your old sensor will stay in place. The other 3 sensors will take places 2 to 4 according to their addresses.

Those. Old sensors always save their places and all the programs that you set for them remain relevant for them.

Example: you have from 3 sensors 123_ burned sensor 2, (1_3_) and after its deactivation, you decided to replace it and add another sensor. As a result of activation of just 4 sensors, the old sensors 1 and 3 will remain in place, and the new sensors will become in place 2 and 4 depending on their addresses, while the programs from the old burned sensor will act for the new sensor which will become at position 2.

Attention! Always check the temperature program settings after activating the new sensors !!!

The temperature sensor programming screen:

1. Temp.sensor 1of1 is the number of the temperature sensor (1 of 1). The last digit indicates the available number of connected sensors.
2. On 26,00 - the temperature at which the load channel starts.
3. Off 35,0 - temperature at which the load channel is switched off.
4. Line 01 - selection of control of the heating or cooling channel.
5. Enable / Disable - Enables / disables the control program.
6. <t = 26.5> - temperature sensor reading at the current moment
7. Warming / Cooling - selection of the heating / cooling mode (the mode is selected automatically at the set temperature).
If the settings are not set correctly (ton = toff), Error will appear in the lower left corner of the screen.
The step of changing the temperature is 0.50C.
The available temperature setting range is from 16.0 to 35.00 ° C.